Why Modesto?

Discover Modesto Jobs And The Modesto Way Of Life

Work and live where commutes are short and homes are still affordable!

If you live in or commute to the Bay Area, you should really consider “trading-up” to a more livable lifestyle here in Modesto.

Unlike the Bay Area, in Modesto we measure commute times in minutes, not hours.  With shorter commute times, we have more time to enjoy life outside of work and create memories with family and friends.

Local home prices in Modesto are reasonable and affordable, which allow families to live in a nice home and have plenty of room to grow.

Plus, if you love the outdoors, cycling down country lanes, exploring California’s historic gold country, rock climbing in Yosemite, and hiking, biking, or skiing in the high Sierra, it’s all just an hour or two away!

Why Stanislaus Food Products?

Make A Real Difference By Helping Family-Owned Restaurants Succeed

By choosing to work with Stanislaus Food Products, you will find more than just a job.  You will feel good knowing that some of the best Italian restaurants and pizzerias in America are counting on you and the Stanislaus Foods team to provide the best tasting tomatoes available!