The Tradition that Shaped Stanislaus Food Products

Since 1942, we at Stanislaus Food Products have taken pride in packing top-quality tomato products. Our family-owned cannery has specialized in producing and processing “Real Italian” tomatoes that are widely used in pizzerias and restaurants all over North America.

Our Italian origin is a vital part of who we are and what we do. We inherit the legacy and successes of the immigrant hopes and values from our preceding generation.

Indulge in Our Incredible Family Recipes

Over the years, our company has focused on using healthy ingredients for all our flavorsome family recipes. Our products have delighted our esteemed restaurateurs every single time and they are always coming back for more. We guarantee complete satisfaction on all our in-house creations.

Our premium tomato products set us far apart from the rest. We have always done things differently and are continuously enhancing our products to provide your restaurant with the ultimate sauce experience. We believe that quality products attract quality customers.

Experience Dedication at Its Best

Our customers’ satisfaction with our top-notch products isn’t the only thing that makes us reputable; our sheer dedication to what we do also plays a huge role in this. We have a team of hardworking and professional individuals who have maintained an unwavering commitment to quality over the years. We are, without a doubt, your number one “Real Italian” Tomato Company.

With over 75 years in the tomato processing industry, you can trust us with all your sauces at your restaurants. Our family wouldn’t have it any other way.