The Stanislaus Family Story

Our family’s passion for really good food comes from our farming heritage.

Our family’s roots reach back to the small family farms of Tuscany and Liguria farms that provided our family a hard-working existence, and a passion for simple, but really good food! Herbs and vegetables of every type (both fresh and preserved); homemade bread; homemade sausages, salami, and prosciutto; homemade olive oil; homemade wine—all of these and more are part of our family’s love affair with “la vera cucina.”

As in most immigrant families, our childhood lessons included the benefit of hard work and striving to get ahead. But when it came to food, we never cut any corners. It was and remains a source of family pride that at the Cortopassis’ table, “Si mangia sempre bene!” (One always eats well!)

This, then, is the culinary legacy passed to us and that each of us is passing on to our children. As Mama Teresa always said, “To serve really good food, buy only the best ingredients and prepare them in your own way. Every recipe is good when you make it with really good ingredients!”

That’s why we take such great personal pride in Stanislaus’ total dedication to quality superiority and in our history of independent ownership by three “Real Italian” families.