Never Scrimp: Why “It’s Worse to Pay Too Little”

If you want to have quality products, then you should be ready to pay extra.

By paying too much, you’ll just lose a little extra money. But when you try to save money on a low quality product, you’ll lose both your money and the product because it is incapable of serving you right.

You can’t pay less and get quality – it is simply impossible!

If you buy a low quality product, it is wise that you add something to the risk. By doing so, you’ll have enough money to buy something of much better quality. Now, why don’t you buy the better product?

Why We Use This Quote

This classic quote is one of our ideologies here at Stanislaus Food Products. It condemns the folly of choosing low-cost products as the best way to any purchase decision. We believe that price is a good indicator of quality.

Even though this may not be entirely true, it does align with our way of thinking and working. Good companies use the best practices and ingredients, and this automatically translates into a superior product that customers love. Subsequently, a quality product translates into a more expensive product.

We usually urge our customers to find the appropriate line between cost and quality – and this is value. If you cannot tell the difference between a product and its less expensive alternative, you simply don’t understand the value you’ll be paying for. Moreover, you cannot pay for the cheaper alternative and expect the quality level to remain the same.

It simply doesn’t work this way.

worse to pay too little