The Fable of the Hot Dog Vendor

The Fable of the Hot Dog Vendor was first shared by Dino in his column in “La Trattoria”. This timeless tale tells the story of a young immigrant who built a profitable little business selling hot dogs on a corner street of a busy city.

He only used the freshest buns, the finest hot dogs, and flavorsome condiments for his business. And this made him have regular customers who adored his hot dogs.

Time passed, the man grew older and had a family. His business had grown and he even had the money to send his son to college who graduated with a degree.

One day his son warned him that a recession was on its way. The old man asked him what this meant. Being educated, he explained in detail how the recession would adversely affect every person in the community, especially small businesses like his father’s.

It was true the hot dog sales had declined, but the regulars always came back for the tastiest rolls on the street.

When the son took over, due to the recession, he reduced the price of the hot dogs, bought low-quality condiments, and even discounted the low-priced hot dogs just like their competitors down the street. And each week fewer and fewer regulars showed up.

The old man had to sell the store eventually.

What Do We Take From the Story?

Just like our father said, “You can’t make good wine from bad grapes”. This is a philosophy that has served our family-owned cannery for many years.

At Stanislaus Food Products, we only use the healthiest and best quality tomato to make our tomato products. It is only this way that we will maintain and increase our regular restaurateur customers.