Welcome to the home of the “Real Italian” tomato!

At Stanislaus Food Products, we take pride in our top-quality tomato products. For 75 years, our family- owned company has perfected the art of fresh-packing “Real Italian” tomato products that are used in pizzerias and restaurants all over North America.

Our esteemed customers not only love our top-notch products, but also our exemplary services and dedication to ensure complete satisfaction.

We do not sell on a “direct basis” to customers. Our products are available to restaurants only through foodservice distributors throughout Canada and the United States. We are committed to ensuring that the red sauces of our restaurant customers taste their best.

Meet Our “Real Italian” Tomato Products

A restaurateur’s secret to success is consistently serving quality food. We have noted this need and we’re proud to introduce our top-of-the-line “Real Italian” tomato products. Our products are freshly packed from healthy tomatoes and not from concentrates. We guarantee you that your customers will love your food.

To help you find the appropriate products to meet your needs, we have organized our tomato products into 3 categories, based on how they are used.

Products for Scratch Cooking

These are unseasoned Italian-style tomato products for those cooks who love cooking right from “scratch.”

Products for Speed-Scratch Cooking

If you are a busy cook, then these tomato products will give you a head start by eliminating the time-consuming prep work. You can then focus more on your signature seasoning for a lip-smacking sauce.

Products for Ready-to-Serve Convenience

Our ready-to-serve tomato sauces are so good, your customers won’t believe that it came from a can. So you won’t have to tell them.

Let your patrons indulge in the ultimate sauce experience with our incredible tomato recipes.